Thursday, January 1, 2009

Manaia Pendant

That's manaia NOT mania.

For those not in the know, a manaia is a creature of Maori legend. It is a supernatural being, an iwi guardian (tribal guardian), to ward of danger, to frighten away intruders. The manaia is a bird-like figure, a spiritual and mythical creature.

I have been thinking for a few days to do a Maori themed weave, and my husband has really urged me to do one. I decided on a manaia. Bone carving pendants of manaia usually have a second element too - and I was going to use a hei matau (fish hook). After making that decision I started thinking about our niece named Manaia, and thought a koru (furled fern frond) representing new beginnings would better suit a small (almost) toddler just starting her journey through life.

So, I am sitting here and weaving, and waiting to see how it will evolve as I work......

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