Monday, July 13, 2009

Bone Carvings

Today I have started a new project: 3 bone carvings. One is for my son, and the other 2 are a gift for someone very kind and who I feel deserves a special thank you. At this stage I won't be posting pictures as I want the recipients of my thank you carvings to be the first to see them.

Today I went to a professional carver to get the bones and the basic shape cut out with a band saw since I don't have one and this saves a huge amount of work on the initial shaping. The next stage of shaping would be easier done with a grinder, but as I don't have one of those either I have chosen an older method. This afternoon I spent about an hour and a half filing the rough edges, before starting some of the intricate shaping with my dremel and some brand-new dentists drill bits. My fingers are cramping as I type, but it's a satisfying feeling as I haven't done a bone carving in years. The last being one for my husband about 6 years ago.

Keep posted to see how this project progresses!

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