Sunday, August 21, 2011

A busy week with some firsts!

There have been many new pieces this week from moonstone and sterling silver, to labradorite and my first ever attempt at titanium anodizing. The moonstone is a nice big cab measuring 5cm (2 inches) long! It has beautiful schiller, but I just can't seem to capture it faithfully on camera.

The titanium is always fiddly to weave, but I love that it is so lightweight, and of course being able to anodise it is just so much fun. This particular piece was actually anodized without using any chemicals: it was done with a current applied to a coca cola bath. I had heard it was possible and just had to try it. The colours are nowhere near as vivid, but I like that there are no acids or chemicals used.

This week I also had my very first try and fusing silver. I kept it basic, but am pleased with the result. I added a small pink tourmaline with wire to complete the piece. This lovely little number is 3cm (1.25 inches) long.

I need to practice more with soldering, but for now the fusing is a simple and gratifying way of getting more comfortable with my new torch

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